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Alliant Energy

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Additional Information:

  • Smart Lighting
    Custom  Incentive $0.04/kWh & $125/kW saved
    Performance Incentive $0.02/kWh in addition to custom incentive
    Experienced lighting designers know how to utilize best practices in lighting design and controls that can result in lighting energy savings of 50% or more compared to standard retrofit projects. SMART Lighting performance incentives offset the cost of hiring a professional lighting designer for your project.

  • SMART Lighting designs utilize high-efficiency fixtures and layouts paired with advanced intelligent controls can reach the next levels of energy efficiency without sacrificing quality or performance.

  • SMART Lighting design professionals are required to hold a credential related to lighting design and participate in Focus on Energy advanced designer training.

  • Acceptance testing of completed project provides assurance that savings will be achieved from properly installed systems.

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