ABOVE ALL's Human Centric Panel Featured on EnergyWatch

ABOVE ALL's Human Centric Panel Featured on EnergyWatch


Toms River, NJ   |  July 20th, 2016

ABOVE ALL's Human Centric Panel has been featured on EnergyWatch.

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The light panel is specially designed to create comfortable and natural light for patients and anyone in pursuit of high quality healthy living. Utilizing a 38-watt lamp, the panel mimics the natural Kelvin changes of the sun throughout the day in a typical 2’ x 2’ troffer. The fixture can be set to run automatically or allows you to change the lighting with one of several presets such as sunrise/sunset, best lighting for reading (4100K) or best for working (5000K). With the wireless adjustable color temperature driver, the ABOVE ALL retrofit kit can easily be controlled by a remote control, smartphone or tablet using an available app. “Our goal was to design an indoor light fixture that is healthy for seniors and hospital patients,” said Greg Murphy. “What we quickly realized is that what is healthy for seniors and patients is healthy for everyone.  

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ABOVE ALL leads in the R&D, manufacturing, customization, and marketing of commercial LED luminaires.  ABOVE ALL has over 20 years of lighting experience. Headquartered in Toms River, NJ and a machine shop in Belvidere, NJ, it owns 600,000sf ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factory in Asia, for rapid customization of controls, optics, brackets, and diffusers.